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The Dale Carnegie Seminar - Business Professionalism

Look around at successful business people, world leaders, professional athletes and entertainers. You'll find a disproportionately high number of Dale Carnegie graduates. Now learn to use Dale Carnegie's proven methods to make people glad to do what you want to do - and create a win-win situation for everyone at the same time. Business Professionalism & Communication Skills is a new one-day seminar from Dale Carnegie Training that will show you how to: * Build and strengthen your credibility to gain influence * Get buy-in for your ideas * Get results even when you don't have authority Are you a manager or a leader? Managers give orders and gain - at best - robotic compliance. Leaders influence people to their way of thinking and gain enthusiastic cooperation. If you want to be the kind of leader companies want today you need to attend Business Professionalism & Communication Skills. At this dynamic one-day seminar you will learn to use Dale Carnegie's human relations principles made famous in How to win Friends and Influence People - to make people glad to do what you want to do. This is not a seminar in how to manipulate people. Rather it shows you how to: * Build trust in the workplace * Create a collaborative work environment * Get buy-in because employees support directions they help create These are exactly the skills you need to make it in today's business environment where teamwork has replaced the old command and control structure. Often, in these team situations, you have no direct authority over the members yet you are expected win their support and get everyone pulling in the same direction. How to win Cooperation and Influence People will help you learn how to use your credibility and positive image to influence people to your point of view and create alignment so you can get the results you want. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire the skills you need to step up to the leadership role you know you deserve. Register for Business Professionalism & Communication Skills today.

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Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.


* Communicate with Clarity & Poise * Improve Public Speaking Skills * Sell Yourself & Ideas * Leadership Development * Balance Stress & Worry * Attitude Control / Self Image * Name Memory - Pegging Systems * Effective Goal Setting Techniques


.7 CEUs


.7 CEUs

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