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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Winning Sales Presentations - Ramp Up Your Sales

Thursday, April 19, 2018
08:30 AM - 04:30 PM

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A one-day seminar that will show you real-world techniques to prospect for new customers, win more appointments and develop broader and deeper customer relationships. How many 'vital' things do you need to do today before you start making new calls? Clean out your files, re-arrange your desk, oil the wheels on your chair? If you're like most sales people, you can think of a million excuses not to call because - let's face it - you hate it. The rejection and sense of failure are tough to take. Making new calls is necessary to success since new business often accounts for as much as 50% of your production. Star sales people everywhere have found ways to make new calls productive and - yes - even fun. Now you can learn to use the techniques they use at: Ramp-up Your Sales. This new, one-day seminar from Dale Carnegie Training® will show you how to make strong calls that create appointments and lead to new business. It will improve your hit-rate so that you no longer suffer the dejection caused by a steady stream of 'no's. You'll begin by learning how to manoeuvre the modern obstacle course - gate-keepers, e-mail and voice-mail - that prevents you from getting to the prospect. Next you will write and deliver a 45 second new call presentation. You'll also learn to ask power questions that engage your prospect. Finally, you'll learn what to do once you have the appointment. This information-packed seminar gives you the complete process - from pre-call planning right through to follow-up. More importantly, it gives you a process that works consistently so that you can get more appointments and write more business. Take the stress out of new call days and improve your hit-rate.


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Holmes Community College
412 W. Ridgeland Ave.
McGowan Building; Room 110
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157
United States

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Who Should Attend

Sales people - whether they are new hires or have been on the job for a while. Winning Sales Presentations - "Ramp Up Your Sales" will improve your sales results immediately.


* Search systematically for new opportunities * Employ 7 ways to charge yourself up to make new calls * Use 10 proven strategies to get past the gate-keeper * Leave voice-mail messages that create callbacks * Determine what type of prospect you are dealing with * Understand what buyers want and how to get them interested * Ensure that prospects will want to take your call * Write and deliver a 45-second new call presentation * Develop creative ways to position your product or service * Understand your value proposition * Ask 'power questions' that engage your prospect * Anticipate objections and turn them around * Set more appointments with qualified buyers * Come across as poised and confident * Know when to stop and move on * Understand how new call rates work * Revive dead accounts * Use new business development to double your sales


7 CEUs


7 CEUs

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